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The Weekend in Black and White (10/2019) – Bad Urach

My contribution for The Weekend in Black and white.

#1 Marketplace of Bad Urach

Some information about this small village:

Bad Urach is a town in the district of Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated 14 km east of Reutlingen, at the foot of the Swabian Alb (or Swabian Alps in English), and is known for its spa and therapeutic bath.

In the early Stone Age, the Alb was already populated, and several caves in the area show evidence that they provided shelter for the inhabitants.

During the Alemanni period Bad Urach had an important castle. Owing to its prime location on a hill overlooking the Erms Valley, Hohenurach Castle was built around 1025. In the Middle Ages Bad Urach (at that time only known as Urach) became a centre of power. The castle became a state prison in the late Middle Ages; the poet Philipp Nikodemus Frischlin died while trying to escape over its walls in 1590. In the 18th century, the fortress was razed to the ground by the citizenry.

Around 1260 Urach became part of Württemberg. Nearly 100 years later, at the time when Württemberg was divided, the southern part of the region was governed from Urach, the so-called „secret capital“, which was the residential home of the Dukes of Württemberg from 1442 until 1482. Count Eberhard the Bearded was born here in 1445 and returned there frequently throughout his life. Over the next several centuries, the town prospered and became a centre for weaving. It escaped serious damage during any wars and so remains in excellent historical condition.

In 1867 a cousin of the king of Württemberg was created Duke of Urach, but lived 21 kilometres (13 mi) away at Lichtenstein Castle.

Since 1985 the town has been a nationally recognized spa town.

Kamera: Sony A7r
Objektiv: #271 Exaktar Auto f2.8 35mm M42


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